Meal Planning

Meal Planning Mastered is the only implementation program of its kind that not only teaches you EXACTLY how to create and execute your weekly meal plan, but also gives you the confidence you need to steer your kitchen through any season of life, without destroying your budget, schedule, or sanity.

By the end of this program, 
you will have...


  • Integrated your weekly meal plan with your schedule, seamlessly, instead of feeling handcuffed to a plan that has nothing to do with your life.

  • Made it possible to shop ONCE for a whole week (that's right, no more overwhelming, last-minute trips to the store, and no more sending hubby out for something he can't find)

  • Taken the guesswork out of choosing the right recipes for the week, and even become comfortable enough to cook without a recipe

  • Stopped compromising your convictions about the health of your family for the sake of stress, budget, or exhaustion.

  • Gotten clear on how much you should be spending on groceries, and learned how to stretch your grocery budget to the absolute max (without clipping annoying coupons or chasing grocery store sales)

  • Developed your own unique style of planning and cooking that works for your family

  • Ditched processed and convenience food and set yourself up to successfully reach your personal health goals.

  • Learned how to END food waste in your house, once and for all
  • Gotten never ending inspiration for new meals your whole family will love


  • Made dinnertime enjoyable again, instead of the most stressful part of the day.

But above all else, Meal Planning Mastered will give you the confidence and clarity of knowing that every decision you make around what to feed your family is the best decision.

What are you waiting for?

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Meagan Mayne

We have been doing seamless meal planning for over a year and have saved hundreds of dollars on groceries, but for 2019, we decided to try to cut some off even more! We decided to shoot for $330 a month. We are a family of three (two adults and a 10 month old who is on formula). It seemed so impossible, but wanted to give it a shot. Well the last two weeks, we have killed it. $70 last week and $61 this week. That’s including the powdered gold (formula) and snacks for hubby to take to work. It’s all because of the skills Allie has taught me! Yay for saving money! 

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Savannah Garcia

I’m so thankful for Allie’s Meal Planning Course! Allie taught me how to be intentional with the meals our family shared at the table and also took away my guilt of eating out or quick lunches because they were planned out ahead of time. I didn’t stare awkwardly at my fridge every day wondering “What can we do for lunch?” My shopping was simplified and this was the first month in a LONG time that we have stayed under budget for groceries!”


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Chelsea Phillips

This has been a game-changer for me. Allie is a mama of young kids, busy with work, and super relatable. I took her course in October and use the knowledge I gained daily -- seriously every single day. I am working toward cooking our meals with veggies, fruits, lean meat, good carbs, and healthy fats while relying less and less on anything prepackaged or artificial. I am seeing more and more that eating real food makes you feel better and provides so many health benefits.

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Ashley Tenbarge

I'm less than a week in and feeling excited about exploring new flavor profiles I had not explored before! It's empowering to realize my extra produce can become inspiration to full meals! Leftover red onion became pickled red onions to top off carnitas and leftover cilantro and lime has become a sauce to top off tilapia. This process definitely expands past just time management and into a generally more creative cooking process.

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